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Live Flamenco Show at Tablao Cordobes - Barcelona

Tickets from 52 USD

Without doubt, the most popular and widely respected Tablao in Barcelona - and with good reason. Founded in 1970 on the famous Rambla boulevard, this stunning location is decorated in Nasrid or Al-Andalus style (the Hispano-Muslim art and architecture style of the 13th-15th century) - the interior decor was hand-crafted by the official restorers of the Alhambra of Granada themselves. The legendary Tablas have been the stage for many of the greatest Flamenco artists in the world, including Camarón, Farruco & Tomatito in its early days, and Eva Yerbabuena, Miguel Poveda, Belen Maya, Israel Galvan & Farruquito among many other world-famous Flamenco stars have performed and still perform on the well-worn floor.


A family business, Tablao Cordobes has never lost its core values - to offer the highest class, most authentic Flamenco in a welcoming and respectful atmosphere in which Flamenco itself always takes center-stage. An optional meal is served prior to the show itself, a gastronomic tour of Spain designed by one of Barcelona's most prestigious chefs, Jordi Narrro - the quality of the food is designed to match the quality of the performance.

Whenever you are planning to visit to Barcelona, make sure a night out at the Tablao Cordobes is part of your itinerary, and book in advance! Performances are often sold out, particularly when special guest artists are performing, as Flamenco fans from Spain and around the world travel to Barcelona to see their idols up-close and personal. Whether you are lucky enough to see one of today's major Flamenco stars, or perhaps the first performance of a Flamenco star of tomorrow, a night watching live Flamenco at the Tablao Cordobes will never be forgotten. Book your ticket now in just a few clicks - this really is an experience not to be missed!

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Live Flamenco Show at Tablao Cordobes - Barcelona
Live Flamenco Show at Tablao Cordobes - Barcelona