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Live Flamenco Show at La Casa del Arte - Granada

Tickets from 32 EUR

Opened just over 5 years ago, la Casa del Arte Flamenco is the most recent addition to the Granada Flamenco scene, but is one of the most influential. Situated in a small locale just off the Plaza Nueva, here Flamenco is pared back to its purest form - a singer, a guitarist and two dancers, performing without microphones or amplification. The set-up provides a theatre-style experience but in an intimate setting, and alongside the dance performances there are always guitar and song solos - the objective being to share all aspects of the disciplines of Flamenco with the audience.


A Tablao respected by Flamenco aficionados, some of the best artists in Granada are regular performers here, and you may even be lucky enough to catch a visiting guest artist - previous guests include Gema Moneo, Irene La Sentío, Cristina Aguilera and La Moneta.

We are excited to be able to offer this fabulous show as part of a Heritage, Culture and Flamenco walking tour which includes a guided tour around the famous gypsy barrio of Sacromonte and a visit to the Centro de Interpretación - a folk museum exploring the traditions of the Roma people in Sacromonte. After learning about the vital part that Flamenco has played in the Granadan gypsy tradition, you are sure to enjoy the show all the more! Book your tickets via our secure online booking system in just a few clicks, and take your Flamenco experience in Granada to a deeper level of understanding.

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Live Flamenco Show at La Casa del Arte - Granada
Live Flamenco Show at La Casa del Arte - Granada