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Live Flamenco Show at Cuevas los Tarantos - Granada

Tickets from 26 EUR

The Flamenco show at Cuevas Los Tarantos is a unique experience, only available in Granada. Set in caves in the heart of Sacromonte, the old gypsy quarter, the show transports you to another place and time. Founded in 1972, Los Tarantos has long been the stage for Granadan Flamenco artists to coger tablas - the vital process of gaining maturity through performance - with many famous names gracing the stage, including the now world famous Manuel Liñan.


Los Tarantos upholds the uniquely Granadan tradition of the Zambra Flamenca - a Flamenco party derived from the Moorish wedding tradition, later adopted by the Sacromonte gypsies. You are invited to sit around the artists, as you would at a family gathering, as the performance takes place in the center of the cave - it is one of the few locations in the world where Flamenco is quite so up-close and personal.

The show takes place in two caves simultaneously, with the artists moving from one to the other once their turn is over, - giving the feeling of two Flamenco shows for one! And as you leave the show to step out into the evening air you are greeted with one of the best views in Granada - the Alhambra illuminated in all its glory on the opposite side of the valley. What could be a more memorable evening in Granada? Book your tickets now in just a few clicks via our secure online booking system, and make the Zambra Flamenca of Cuevas Los Tarantos one of the most unforgettable nights of your stay.

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Live Flamenco Show at Cuevas los Tarantos - Granada
Live Flamenco Show at Cuevas los Tarantos - Granada