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Live Flamenco Show at El Palacio Andaluz - Seville

Tickets from 71.50 EUR

A trip to Seville, the birthplace of Flamenco, without watching a live Flamenco show would be a trip wasted! And if you're in the Flamenco heartland, you will want to see the best. Located in an impressive 19th century factory conversion of Sevillian palatial style, El Palacio Andaluz is a Flamenco show unlike any other. A true feast for the senses, the show has been recognised by Spanish national television for the promotion and diffusion of Flamenco nationally and internationally, for its visual quality, its artistic value and for being a model and example of the most deeply rooted Spanish popular culture.


The world-class performance troupe consists of 3 guitarists, 3 singers, and 16 dancers, all of national and international prestige, including the show's artistic director Emilio Ramírez, recipient of two national Flamenco awards. The artsists perform a selection of Flamenco palos (styles) such as Alegrías, Seguiriyas, Soleá and Bulerías, plus a number of traditional Spanish Ballet pieces and a short adaption of Bizet's opera Carmen. The large hall is reminiscent of the old Café Cantantes - the precursors of Tablaos - and has a cabaret style seating plan which ensures a great view wherever you're seated.

We are excited to be able to offer this spectacular show alongside an evening walking tour, covering some of the most iconic sights in Seville - the Parque de Maria Luisa, La Torre del Oro, the Plaza de Toros and more. Book now via our secure online system in just a few clicks, what are you waiting for?

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Live Flamenco Show at El Palacio Andaluz - Seville
Live Flamenco Show at El Palacio Andaluz - Seville