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Flamenco Blogs

The Dancing Woodpecker

Image by Nina Sologubenko, courtesy of Yinka Esi Graves

On Pulses that move the Soul and Heels

Written by the Flamenco dancer Yinka Esi Graves, this wonderful blog documents her experiences and inspirations as she studies and performs Flamenco at a professional level. With everything from insights into how Flamenco works; videos and images of her performances; to inspirations from all over the world ‑ this is a very personal insight into getting lost in Flamenco

Flamenco on the Road USA

Image by Alonso Espartero

Flamenco on the Road ‑ USA

The Sevillian Flamenco photographer Alonso Espartero has for many years wanted to create a photographic project inspired by the growing relationship between the US and Spain ‑ a bond born of the common passion for Flamenco. His blog showcases his previous work as well as his journey in preparing this new project, for which he will be interviewing Flamenco artists and filming photographic reports of artists who live and work in the US at the beginning of 2016. He believes we are living an important moment in the globalization of Flamenco and this project is an important step in expanding the influence of this powerful artform worldwide.

Fleur de Flamenco

Image courtesy of Lori Kullberg

Fleur de Flamenco

The chronicle of budding Flamenco dancer Lori Kullberg from Louisville, Kentucky. After 3 years of study Lori decided to share her trials, dreams and inspirations with the Flamenco community, and any Flamenco student will be able to identify with her journey. An interesting look into the universal nature of the study of Flamenco

Flamenco Artworks

Photo of Grafitti by Uri Martinez (Uriginal)

Flamenco Artworks

FlamencoArtworks is designed like a colourful exhibition with works of art, photographs, vintage film footage and fun facts about flamenco, art and its history.