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Derived from the Tango Flamenco, Tientos has a much slower compás reflecting influences from the Soleá and Seguiriyas. It has a 4/4 time signature like the Tangos, but with accents on the 1 and 3 as shown

Compas Tientos

Like many Cante Jondo its lyrics are slow and sad, reflecting the suffering of human experience, and the dancer expresses these themes in his or her performance. The structure is similar to most Flamenco dances and can be broken down as follows:

- Guitar intro
- Song intro
- Footwork intro and llamada
- First letra (verse), punctuated by a footwork during the respiro ‑ a break in the song after the second line of letra
- Guitar falsetta
- Escobilla (footwork section)
- Second letra
- Second escobilla
- Subida
- Macho or Tangos to close