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Use Both Feet

Use Both Feet

Everybody who dances Flamenco has a favorite foot. Admit it, you do too! The foot that always seems to get the tricky steps first, the one that never seems to wobble or go out of time. We love that foot, it's so much fun practicing with that foot! Mine is the left - never seems to get tired, super stable, strong and reliable. I relied on that foot - my subidas would generally be one sided (left of course), I would organize my choreographies around it. I did it subconsciously and didn't even realize until I started getting sciatic type pains down my left leg.

All of a sudden I couldn't rely on it any more. But my right foot wasn't up to the job of taking over - not because it is inherently weaker or slower - but because I'd neglected it for years. Thankfully the worst of the pain went away after a couple of months but life had taught me an important lesson - to use both feet.

But it's not just about having a back-up or insurance policy in case things go wrong. The truth is that if you really want to improve your dancing in general, one of the most sure-fire techniques is to practice every step you do on BOTH feet. Actually, practice a little more on your bad foot. You'll hate it (at first), but it will help, we promise! You will become a more well-rounded dancer and it's less likely that you suffer an injury caused by overcompensation on one side. If you can go to regular technique class (repetition based rather than choreography based ) we recommend it - choreographies can often be a little one-sided, so get back to technique and turn your least favorite foot into old faithful.