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Don't be Afraid to make Mistakes

Don't be Afraid to make Mistakes

Flamenco ain't easy - anyone who has ever even dabbled in it will be able to testify to that fact. And as you improve and gain more experience it doesn't really get easier - there is always so much more to learn. Which, to our minds, is a good thing - it never gets boring either! But this does cause one major issue for a lot of people – you are going to make mistakes. Lots of mistakes. In class, on stage - in public.

For some people making a mistake in public is mortifying. There's a famous quote - No one notices your tears, sadness or pain. But they ALL notice your mistakes. It feels like people are judging you - your teacher (you've let them down!), the audience (they must all be laughing at me...), yourself (I'm so useless!). But maybe, just maybe, we're giving mistakes a bad rap.

Mistakes are the biggest learning tool we will ever be gifted with. And they are ours to learn from. As children we make mistakes all the time, and we also learn at the fastest rate of our lives. Even feeling bad about a mistake is a good thing (when not taken to self-destructive levels) - how many times have you thought I'm never doing that again!? That experience stays burned into our subconscious so that we are able to avoid repeating the mistake. Or it gives us the tenacity to practice whatever went wrong over and over again - not just until we get it right, but until we can't get it wrong.

If you're making mistakes you're doing it right. You're out of your comfort zone which is exactly where you should be. Own your mistakes - they are yours, and they are the best tool you have!