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Sitting Pretty

Sitting Pretty

Yes, it may be controversial... Yes, it's an opinion but... It's time to address our pet hate. Flamenco dancers who sit in their wide skirts with their legs wide open as if they were rolling cigars on their thighs in the opera Carmen!

If this is you, hear us out. For some reason (perhaps we can blame it on Bizet?) the image that Flamenco dancers sit with their legs open seems to have gotten into the public consciousness... so its not surprising that many dancers who were brought up outside of Spain see this as the way you should sit. But would you sit like that while wearing a skirt in any other situation? If the answer is yes - then go ahead! Flamenco is self-expression and at the end of the day you sit however you want! But if you are representing an idea about how Flamenco dancers sit, take a look at your favorite dancers in tablaos, on stage - I haven't seen any sit like this except when doing seated footwork like Mario Maya's famous Martinete...

The most important thing to remember is that when you're on stage, you're performing, and that includes when you are sitting down. For me, it seems so much more elegant to sit up straight with your knees together and your skirt flowing around you! And after all, Flamenco is all about elegance made power...

Disclaimer - this fabulous image of Belén Maya (by Gilles Larrain) is for illustration purposes only... she's not actually on a chair!