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Dress Like a Dancer

Dress Like a Dancer

If you've been reading our Flamenco tips, hopefully you are now using a mirror during your dance rehearsals and practice. In which case - dress like a dancer! If you look at professional dance academies, whether ballet or another discipline, they often have some sort of dress code or uniform. It may be a tradition, or a way to emphasise the school's personality, but it is also a great psychological technique.

There's an old phrase - Dress for the job you want - implying that people will take you more seriously if you dress in professional attire. I don't entirely agree with the concept as it implies we should be dressing for what other people think (and frankly, who cares?) But what you wear doesn't just affect others, it affects how you look at yourself. If you're wearing something you love it makes you feel confident. If you wear something that you don't think suits you or your personality, you may feel uncomfortable or trapped. So what you wear can be more important than you think.

This also works on a subconscious level. Our subconscious mind is constantly taking in information and making decisions based on our surroundings, but is also notoriously easy to fool. Our subconscious isn't logical, and it's extremely trusting - it's why positive mantras or smiling when you feel down can actually help improve your mood. So why not convince your subconscious that you're an amazing dancer? No matter what your level, dress the way you imagine a professional dancer to dress. If that means going the whole shebang of frills, flowers and shawls even just for class, why not? Maybe you associate more with what your favorite teacher wears for rehearsals - you might want to emulate their style. The most important thing is that you dress to look good for you - the minute you look good you feel good, and if you feel good you dance better. Trust me, it works!

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