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Don't Take Yourself Seriously

Don't Take Yourself Seriously

Flamenco was born in difficult circumstances (discrimination towards the gitanos, hard jobs on low pay, poverty and short life expectancy), so of course many palos reflect that - the Seguiriya, the Soleá, etc. But what about the Bulería or the Alegría? The whole gamut of emotions is expressed in this powerful artform, but it's all too easy to forget that when you're in class or on stage.

When something is important to you (as Flamenco probably is) it can be difficult not to take it seriously. But have you ever noticed that when things prove difficult, taking things seriously actually make them worse? Flamenco is notoriously difficult, but if we can't laugh when we get it wrong for the hundredth time, or make fun of ourselves if we fall over our feet, we're causing ourselves more and more stress - which in turn works against us by making us clumsy and flustered (and more likely to make another mistake!) Which one of us hasn't become more and more angry with ourselves when we're not picking up a particularly annoying sequence? Shutting ourselves in our own little world and snapping at anyone who comes near? Wouldn't it be easier to just stop, laugh and ask for help? It's not that big a deal after all...

Okay, so we don't expect you to start camping it up during your Seguiriya (please, no!), but if you truly want to express yourself perhaps a good place to start is to forget about your flamenco persona and tapping into your everyday personality instead. Smile, laugh, cry, be yourself. And NEVER take yourself too seriously!