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Flamenco Shoe Sizes

Flamenco Shoe Sizes

How to find your Flamenco shoe size is not something anyone ever really explains and unfortunately many dancers learn the hard way... including me! For years I bought my shoes directly from shops in London or Spain and of course, when they asked me my shoe size I simply gave them the standard size I'd always worn. The shoes felt okay on (when you're new to dancing, how do you know what they're supposed to feel like?) but caused me years of blisters, bleeding, sprained ankles and massive instability during turns. Why? Because I was buying a size too large! Flamenco shoes need to be very close fitting to your foot in order to protect and support you, unlike street shoes which many of us prefer to wear a little roomy. I now buy all of my shoes online, but whether you buy online or in a store I recommend measuring your foot first. Thankfully there is an easy method to finding out your Flamenco shoe size - just follow these simple steps:

• Ideally, ask for help! It's highly recommended that you don't take the measurement yourself
• Stand on a piece of paper laid on a hard floor (avoid carpet) with your foot against a wall and, with your pencil held at a right angle to the floor, mark a line at the longest part of your foot
• Repeat with your other foot
• Measure the length from the edge of the paper to your mark from both feet and use the longest measurement as your reference. We recommend you measure in centimeters if possible as it tends to be more accurate than inches.
• Measure both feet one last time to be sure and choose your size from the supplier's size chart (there may be slight differences between different brands so don't assume you'll always take the same size)

Give it a go! We're sure you'll notice the difference.