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Be Still

Be Still

Okay, we realize that this isn't a quick‑fix tip! But truly, we can't recommend it enough. Take a Flamenco letra for example. If we were to ask you what the lyrics were to your favorite pop song we bet you could recite them by heart - at least the chorus! After all, liking and understanding a song is so much more than the music - the lyrics carry the very heart of it.

Unfortunately, the phrase Lost in Translation could perhaps be one of the most relevant themes when it comes to Flamenco. Many a time we've tried to translate a beautiful Flamenco letra into English only to see that it loses all its charm and profundity. True, a professional translator would probably be able to do it a little more justice(!), but even so, you lose the rhythm, the lyricality, the very soul of the words. Spanish is a Romance language, while English is Germanic so the roots are just too far apart to be able (in our opinion) to fully convey the poetry of the songs.

Even if you leave the singing to one side (heaven forbid!) and just concentrate on the dance, there are still many advantages to speaking the lingo. Many of the best Flamenco teachers don't speak English and, while you will be able to enjoy their class without understanding a word - dance is the language of the physical after all - you will miss a whole host of nuances that they may transmit in their spoken teaching.

And of course, whether you dance, play, sing or simply enjoy, the best place to experience Flamenco is in Spain! There are a lot of wonderful English-speaking guides, but if you ever want to explore off the beaten track (which for Flamenco is usually the best bet), being able to speak to the locals-in-the-know is the way to go!

So if ever inspiration was needed to learn a new language, Flamenco provides it in spades. There are loads of different options, and it doesn't need to be boring or take time out of your busy schedule! At Ambiente Flamenco we LOVE the podcasts - they're great when you're on your way to work, making dinner, walking the dog... the possibilities are endless! So get started... Hablando se entiende la gente* after all!

*Communication is key!

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