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Change Teachers

Change Teachers

For better or worse, this is sometimes a controversial piece of advice. There are those that feel that by going to another teacher you are somehow letting your original teacher down, it's almost as if you're having an affair with somebody else behind their back! This is, of course, understandable - many teachers rely on their regular students to maintain their classes and cover the (surprisingly expensive) costs involved in sharing their love of the art. So we're definitely all in favor of anything you can do to support your local teachers - and perhaps this is another way of doing just that?

Think of it another way. Would you expect to complete a university degree studying under just one professor? Could you ever be sure that you are not getting a slightly biased version of the subject? Even with the best will in the world a teacher tends to teach those things closest to their heart and they may not see the importance of explaining a distinct point of view.

In Spain it is the most common thing in the world to have a number of Flamenco teachers - your teacher may even recommend you take a course with another dancer who they feel may be able to help you out with a particular part of your technique. Of course, depending on where you are there may not be a large number of Flamenco teachers available, but if you can take classes with more than one teacher, even just occasionally, it will do wonders for your Flamenco. Every teacher teaches slightly differently, with a different emphasis, a different style and a different way of understanding things. By taking courses with visiting teachers, or taking a Summer out to do a course with somebody else, you're not being disloyal, you're taking your Flamenco to another level. And to be honest, that's what every teacher wants to see ‑ their students going above and beyond what they ever thought was possible.

Need help finding Flamenco teachers near you? Check out our Classes page! And don't forget, online learning can be a great help too - you can find some free footwork tutorials on our Videos page.