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Dress Rehearsals

Dress Rehearsals

In rehearsals you dress for comfort right? You're just going to get sweaty and there's no point mucking up your best outfit, right? Well, yes and no. Never forget the importance of a dress rehearsal. Before you head out on stage you should do a run-through at least once in your full costume, exactly what you plan to wear on the day.

Each dress/skirt/trouser suit is slightly different, and it will affect the way you dance, the way you hold it, the way you use it. If you are planning to wear a circular skirt to perform, but you always practice in an A-line skirt, you wont be able to use your performance skirt to its full potential! And of course, there are always those wardrobe malfunctions that you really want to know about before getting on a stage in front of hundreds of people!

This can require some planning - if you are thinking about buying a new outfit for that all important show, do your best to order it so that it gets to you at least a few days before you plan to go on. The more you practice in your costume the more it will become like a second skin and you can be truly comfortable on stage - you will probably have some pre-show stagefright as it is, so you don't want to add to the nerves.

And remember, if you are looking for a new costume to make your next performance show‑stopping, look no further than our online Shop. And if you've left it a little late just drop us a line - we can arrange for express shipping if you haven't been quite as organised as you'd planned...