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About Ambiente Flamenco

Ambiente Flamenco

Ambiente Flamenco is a free-to-use online resource dedicated to supporting and promoting Flamenco throughout the English speaking world. We work hard to collate as much information as possible in a simple to navigate format, making it easy for you to find exactly what you need - whether it be new shoes, a dance teacher, the dates for upcoming shows, or simply some advice.

We are committed to offering free listings for Flamenco teachers and performers in your area as we believe that supporting local artists is crucial in helping to make Flamenco the worldwide phenomenon it deserves to be. If you would like to help us support your local artists, please keep us updated with what's going on near you! If your favorite teacher isn't included in our listings contact us to let us know their details. If you know of a Flamenco show or workshop coming up, please don't keep it to yourself!

Want more information? We're pretty active on social media, sharing updates and news on a daily basis, so make sure you give us a follow! Flamenco is a community and we want you to be part of it. And if you'd like to get in touch here's who will be there to help:



Ambar Domenech

Flamenco dancer and fashion designer... It's all about the frills.

Ambar is our Flamenco fashion designer and dressmaker, creator of the Ambiente Flamenco Dancewear line. She draws from her years of experience as a dance student, teacher and performer to create designs suitable for every style and every occasion. Having never quite fit in to industry standards she is a strong supporter of size diversity in fashion which is why her designs are made-to-measure, and we are committed to never charging extra based on size or fit.

Ambar is also the face of our social media sites and is the one to talk to if you need any information or advice about the Flamenco world. She's been there and done that and has the scars to prove it!

Ambar Domenech

Miquel Domenech

Miquel Domenech

IT manager and technical genius... If it's broke he fixes it.

Miquel is the brains behind the website, the architect of company IT infrastructure, and all other useful tech stuff. Constantly innovating to make your online experience the best it can be he is the one to talk to if you spot a problem with the site or would like to work with us on bringing Flamenco to a wider audience. Just don't ask him to dance, Flamenco or otherwise.